The Ocean Adventure by Karen S Meyer


Deke Hanson, is the head of an Ad Agency.  A former Professional Hockey Player and Celebrity, his charisma is something that has vaulted his business to success.  He is a workaholic and has a big family.  Last year he complained about the vacation taking too long, and is bored with amusement parks.  He is a busy executive and doesn’t have time to do all the research needed in order to make this decision.  His wife states that this year it’s his responsibility and it better be a good one.  His reputation for being successful at everything he does is on the line.  He takes it seriously and chooses an Ocean Adventure, where he will be the Captain of the ship.  He has no experience with the Ocean.  His teenagers are very negative and the younger ones are a lot of trouble for Mama Jessica.

So many things go awry on the trip that when they finally get to return home, Deke has sworn that he will spend more quality time with Bobby and the others.  What he doesn’t know is that on the island, the teenagers discover bags of money and secretly stash it on the boat.  Their story doesn’t match the amounts of money which is being spent on luxury items.

The Ocean Adventure, by Karen S Meyer
Former Canadian Hockey Player turned Ad Exec learns his lesson about work play balancing with a large family.

What happens next becomes a great opportunity as Deke learns humility and Jessica grasps to courage like never before.

Available on Amazon in November 2017 - self publishing where you can find books by Karen S Meyer, from Scottsdale, AZ