Our Philosophy

Our business is to help others by mentoring, designing their websites, helping them get socially networked, and launching them to success.  Our hands on technique is personal and succinct.  We are a success when you are a success.   Karen brings business, sales, public relations and admin acumen to the platform and Ted is the database and logic guru.  Together, they are unstoppable.  With them building your  business and creating an online profile, which will help you look and feel more professional, you can’t help but increase your business.

Our Story

We knew each other when we were 14 and finally got together 8 years ago and are starting our dream life.  No matter what business we are working, it’s always wonderful.  We are Real Estate Investors, Sales and Customer Service for Avon, Jewelry Designers, Webmasters, and Genealogists.  We are the team to help you launch your business to the next level.

Meet the Team

Karen knows customer service.  As a Call Center employee, she received Operator of the month 5 times.  She knows how to sell and how to lead a team.  She is a successful business woman in many areas of her life.  She is an Author and has been managing an Avon Team and running her own business called Avon Scottsdale.  She designs websites and thrives on the creative process.  If your business needs to have a database attachment to your website, Ted is the one who will make it proficient and efficient.  Ted is a Software Engineer and “can fix anything around the house”, Karen says.  He is a deep thinker and quiet rudder, helping to guide their lives for the good.  “The reason we are on this Earth is to help as many people as we can”, Ted says.

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Ted and Karen Meyer

Founder & CEO of

Meyer and Meyer Consulting

Ted is a Software Engineer, Real Estate Investor and father of 7.

Karen is a Website Designer and helps people start up their own home based businesses.  She is also the mother of 5

Counting?  Twelve kids and 13 grandkids!.

Both are avid Genealogists, professionally and with their Church.

Next Steps…

Call us to set up some time to go over your company profile and to see your dreams and visions for your future.

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