Finding Your Treasure


Finding Your Treasure!

Our time on earth is short. It's important to find the treasure that Heavenly Father intended you to have. For Tom Garranger, a young widower, his treasure is family. Even though he knows he will be with them again one day, that doesn't dissolve the loneliness now.  He has not wanted to date as he still misses his wife and son Tommy who were killed in an automobile accident.  Tom is a busy Real Estate Developer in Somis, California.  He has built a fortress of gigantic proportions as a way to hide his grief. He is spoiled by his housekeeper, Esther.  He receives an impression that it is ok for him to move forward, but he's not ready. 

Summer Laine is a model for television commercials. That is her stage name. Her real name is Esmeralda Elaine Fairchild. She is the great-granddaughter of her ancestor by the same name. She inherited her Great Grandmother's estate upon her death with a note to ..."find the treasure on the premises".

Miscommunications on all sides occur when both are trying to navigate through their lives. Overbearing friends feel like Tom IS ready to date and set him up on a date with Summer Laine. The rest is history!

Who is Summer Laine?

Summer Laine is a model.  She is tall, blonde and an Executive Assistant during the week.  On her time off, she works with photographers on special projects.  Sometimes, they just need a picture of her hands for a lotion commercial or an ankle for a shoe commercial.

She is very concerned with morality and chose not explore a career as a super model because she values the virtue of modesty.  However, she still likes the money this provides for easy commercials. She has inherited a Victorian House and land from her Great Grandmother. In the will, it states there is a treasure on the property. She spends her weeks working to save to renovate the home and the weekends looking for her treasure. How she and Tom meet is a comedy of errors and miscommunications, but how the magic of their destiny unfolds is priceless adventure as they team together to help the local police solve a major crime which occurs on her property.

Before they actually meet, their friends, who are a well-meaning couple with a lot of kids start planning to set them up on a blind date.  However, one day, on a photo shoot on the property,  Summer meets Tom, a neighbor in the community, at her Grandmother's unoccupied home. Forced to hide after finding out that her property has become a meeting place for a crime ring, gets awkward. Their first meeting begins a little tenuously as they become witnesses to the major crime ring's inner workings.  She and Tom begin working with the local Police.  They hit it off and get involved in a dangerous game of surveillance as the story begins to take shape as a thriller.

Where you can find, "Finding Your Treasure"

Everyone has a different idea of what they treasure. Find out what Tom and Summer are looking for to find their Mormon Treasure in this Romantic Comedy which turns to Action Adventure when they help Police bring down a crime ring.
Now on Amazon - November 2017 - self publishing where you can find books by Karen S Meyer, from Scottsdale, AZ