Deep Cover! Escape from Cancún!
By Karen S Meyer

Escape from Cancún takes newlywed couple Andie and Anson from Under Cover! fame on a new adventure. They travel from Malibu to Mexico on assignment with the FBI. This is a             Their assignment, besides enjoying their honeymoon, is to find and acquire their target witness for the prosecution in the felony trial of a cartel boss, Luis Cardones.  Andie’s part is to play an interior designer for a four-star resort in Cancún charged with designing the new “look” for the resort in time for the grand opening which will not only be a star-studded event but the perfect opportunity to sneak away with Sangría Sanchez, the girlfriend of Luis Cardones.
Of course, obstacles by the opposition challenge their victory as well as personal and spiritual adventures like kidnapping, fear of flying, parasailing, wild animals, zip lining, being trapped in a Mayan Temple, last minute changes to the escape route hidden in the remodeling plans for the Resort, missing their flight and much more become hurdles to clear towards the finish line. Join Andie and Anson as they Escape from Cancún!