time travel, fictional book, Karen  S. Meyer, LDS adventure novel, clean reading


In this book, there are slight references to real places, real events, and real people, but this is for entertainment purposes only.  This is not to be taken as non-fiction but merely a book with suggestions about what might happen if we lost our free agency. 

          If you could go back in time to alter a genealogical line, keep one person from dying in a horrific tragedy in order to save millions from dying by what his or her descendant would invent in the future, would you? What would you sacrifice? Your integrity?   Marietta Hensley, is a Forensic Genealogist, and Scientist.  She has intelligence and has invented the time machine.  She has the funding by the University of California at Berkeley to go back and alter reality for the good of mankind.  However, what she discovers is that you may save one person from tragedy, only to lose other generations to another disaster.

          In the story,  the scientist quietly rationalizes her behavior and realizes at some cost, that she is playing God, determining the outcome of other people’s lives.  Her pride shows when, to fulfill her project, condones utilizing funds she acquired illicitly by creating a creative marketing program with the College.  This book is an exercise of what could happen if someone controlled your destiny other than your Heavenly Father.   We shouldn’t have the ability to make the decision to save or sacrifice one life for the good of many!  We should be glad to be rid of that burden.  One thing she discovers is that it’s no fun playing God all the time.  Find out what happens and how she and her partner Dr. Albert Penniman foil industrial espionage and escape the drama in A Matter of Time. 

          The location references mentioned are accurately portrayed but, in the story, they are for creative amusement.